Should we give up our LPG subsidy?

India is trying really hard to become a powerhouse in social, economic and political terms. But in reality, is it actually happening? Is all the hard work true? When the question of giving up subsidies for the poor arises, this is what most people think, that is all this really going to help the poor or is this just a publicity stunt of the government.

Does this mean anything more than a gimmick? Because of the increasing corruption day by day, it is very difficult to know whether actually our given up subsidies are going for the welfare of the poor or if they are going in the pockets of the government servants. The new government incumbent since 2014 appeals to the better off people to give up their subsidies for the poor but the question is if it’s worth it? Isn’t subsidy our right?

The very first benefit of subsidies is  that it is going to lead to economic stability in the country. If the subsidy is given up, the poor people will have easy access to the commodity thus leading to an equal income distribution gradually, which will help in the overall growth of the country. This, however, can only be seen through an ideal scenario.

But, the corruption in the country makes all the efforts go in vain and hence we can never invest faith in such initiatives. They seem nothing more than a hoax. The common masses do not easily trust the government thus refusing to give up subsidies. The government is trying to give an impression that the people of the country are at fault by claiming the LPG subsidy whereas , the government itself is very generously giving subsidies to people who can easily afford to buy it at the current market price. If in real some improvement in the development of the country is to be made, the government should decrease the taxes imposed on people. A progressive taxation system should be made prevalent. If the government is so concerned about the welfare of the poor it should rather rethink on the prices of liquefied petroleum gas.

India is a country full of hypocrites. The population being so large, there are different points of views kept up each day on different topics. People think that if the rich politicians are not giving up their subsidies even they are not liable to give up theirs. But ,the need of the hour is to bring a positive side to this giving up of subsidy to light and spreading awareness .

Isn’t it a better idea to give subsidy  only to  those in need ?

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