Why is the U.P government refuting the responsibility of the Gorakhpur Tragedy?

Crime in Up 2017 , Yogi ahityanath

We all know what happened in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh on 11th August 2017. How 63 innocent lives were lost unfortunately to the hospital’s negligence is an exhibition of the miserable state of government hospitals in Uttar Pradesh.

But what has been even more disappointing is the way responsibility and blame have been spewed and tossed upon each other.

The Gorakhpur tragedy spews a plethora of questions on the government.

The government’s refusal to accept the fault is condemnable and shameless. If the government isn’t responsible for this massacre that hit a government hospital then who else is?

Why is CM Yogi Adityanath Lying?

Why is the government shrugging off the onus such shamelessly?

The Gorakhpur tragedy is a testament of baffled priorities of the UP government! No matter how they act in denial but the truth is pretty obvious!

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While reports claim that it is the lack of oxygen that caused these deaths CM Yogi Adityanath Says that unhygienic surroundings are responsible for these deaths and the same has been shamelessly reiterated by the state health minister Siddhartha Singh.

Well if this is so our question to the dodging government is that who is responsible to maintain cleanliness?

CM Yogi Adityanath ji you are MP from Gorakhpur since 5 consecutive terms and if cleanliness was the primary reason behind the Gorakhpur Tragedy then what have you been doing since an unbroken stretch of 20 years?

Why does Gorakhpur lie on a shameful 314th spot in the Swach Bharat Index?

You came to the helm of the state crying development but we didn’t know that these tragedies and patronized hooliganism is what you meant to develop. You are answerable to all those parents who have lost their kids to this shameful incident.

Why dodge the responsibility?

One more question that is imperative is that why has Pushpa Sales been booked for charges if as per the government lack of oxygen wasn’t even the reason behind these deaths? Another lie caught!

Also, why does a report from the Union Ministry corroborate the fact that 22 deaths happened because of lack of oxygen if CM Yogi Adityanath is blatantly in denial of this reason of deaths?

Well, a lot of questions arise from the manner in which the issue has been followed up.

what would you even expect from a government that was rather busy announcing grand janmashtmi celebrations in the state. Neither were they any considerate of the matter before it happened and even the tragedy failed to serve as an eye opener for the state government.

Even Amit Shah said that such things happen and PM Modi chose to stay silent here!

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