Yogi ki UP: Will it ever be crime Free?

Crime in Up 2017 , Yogi ahityanath

Yogi Adityanath recently published a 100-day report card of Uttar Pradesh making even taller claims than the castle of promises he had distributed over the state. May be the Crime in UP has decreased to a minimal amount but it is not that sufficient to state UP as crime free or a Safe state.

Well seeing how things in Uttar Pradesh have gone rather worse after he took the helm this report card gimmick was indeed an axe on the government’s own foot.

312 was a whopping number to garner in Uttar Pradesh and no wonder the EVM tampering raga of the opposition started thereafter.

Don’t you think BJP played the Ram Mandir issue smartly to lure the Hindu frantic population of Uttar Pradesh to vote in their favor? Their Ram Mandir card of the Hindu suit proved out to be their Ace indeed and they apparently thumped the opposition (we here would want to believe that the EVMs were not tempered)

There was much speculation about who would be the face of the party if it comes to power for the BJP did not disclose the Chief Minister face before the election results.

Once the party registered a mammoth victory in the state it was only then that the party took a call on the Chief Minister and the BJP put its best foot forward in Uttar Pradesh to endorse its Hindutva propaganda!

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Yogi Adityanath, one of the staunchest saffron leaders came to be the Chief Minister of the state.

How he has failed to Deliver and Crime in Up 2017: 

There are many promises and facades on which the state government has faltered. Out of these areas where the government has defaulted or rather things got worse than before, Law and Order situation is one such area.

Yogi Adityanath has always been in the limelight or his communal attitude and hate speeches against the Muslims, much before coming to power as the Chief Minister of the king state.

He continued his heroics even after coming to power and did not shy away from making dabbing statements about crimes in Uttar Pradesh.

He has often said that he would uproot crime in the state and criminals would either leave Uttar Pradesh or leave crime and if still, they don’t give they would be encountered.

“Thok Denge”, is his favorite slang when it comes to talking about criminals in the state. But these stats are in no way adhering to his tall claims which have only proved out to be hollow.

Crime in UP 2017: Before and after Yogi Aditya Nath’s Government.

  • The rape incidents in Uttar Pradesh have increased significantly. More than 180 cases of rapes were reported between April and March itself in Uttar Pradesh already in 2017 as against 41 between the same duration in 2016. Figures have worsened even more after this time frame.
  • More than 300 murders in the time frame of his tenure of office as against 101 in the same window of time in 2016. These also include lynching incidents in the name of cow vigilantism and other forms of violence leading to death.
  • Cases of robberies have gone up significantly after Yogi Adityanath has assumed office
  • Communal violence and cases of violence Dalits and Muslims have gone up significantly
  • Anti Romeo squads have rather deteriorated the law and order situation than improving it also making the social scenarios have also deteriorated


 These stats are only the reported ones and in a state of Uttar Pradesh, many of the crimes go unreported.


Clearly, these stats showcase or rather expose the government’s failure in making the law and order situation any better. Rather crime in the state has taken a liking or found a bigger home under this government and this is worrisome.

There have been talks and promises but a clear cut lag in action.

Cow Vigilantism has become a major issue for the nation seeping through the secular principles of the nation and Uttar Pradesh is a big contributor to this mess.

Beef Ban in INDIA , Crime in UP 2017

Both the central government and the various state governments ruled by BJP have often dodged the questions on the increasing lynching incidents and vigilantism in the nation which are receding a developing nation’s pursuit.

It is the time that Yogi Adityanath comes out of his complacency of being a saffron leader who is just meant to be a Hindutva icon and start delivering on his promises rather than drafting hollow and hyped report cards of his government which clearly fail to analyze the ground reality in Uttar Pradesh.

We have kept an opinionated perspective in front of you corroborated by appropriate facts and figures.

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