Days after the petrifying incident at midnight and constant media pressure, Chandigarh Police finally displayed some spine and arrested the accused Vikas Barala (23), the son of Haryana BJP chief Subhash Barala, and his friend Ashish Kumar over charges of kidnapping and stalking Ms Varnika Kundu, Both are now in police custody.

Initially being charged under IPC Section 354D (stalking) and Section 185 of the Motor Vehicle Act (Drunk Driving) both of which are Bailable offences, the accused were let off within hours.



Ms. Kundu shared the incident that went viral on Facebook. The accused 23-year-old Vikas Barala and his friend followed her in their SUV, blocked her way and banged on her window to try and force open the door.

The two will now be produced in court tomorrow, five days after they were charged.

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In an interview, the Chandigarh DGP Tajender Singh Luthra said: “Detailed interrogation of both (Ashish and Vikas) took place; two charges to be pressed against them”.

He added that the arrests were made on the basis of new findings in the last 5-day old investigation.

What’s more barbaric and sad is the statement of BJP Vice- president of Haryana Ramveer Bhatti “Why was she allowed to roam around at night? Parents should not allow their children to stay out late…what is the point of roaming around at night?”

Responding to it Ms. Kundu said: “It is none of his business, it is my business and my family’s what I do and where…If it wasn’t for men like these, I wouldn’t be unsafe going out… whether it was 12 am or 2 am or 4 am.”

What’s worth appreciating is Ms. Kundu’s dauntlessness and determination to bring herself justice.

The negligence on the part of the police shows some disturbing insights about how our country which supports welfare schemes such as ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ and talks about Gender Equality, but still lacks to provide her justice in a well-developed city as Chandigarh. Had Media not done its job Political power would have surely triumphed over justice.

We support Ms. Kundu fully and hope justice prevails and this sets out an example for other women to stand tall and strong against such goons.