Revolutionary Quotes from Yogi Adityanath (Pun Intended)

Yogi Adityanath has in the first 6 months of his being the Chief Minister of the king state of Uttar Pradesh has proved all of them right who felt that there could have been better choices for the Chief Minister than him. His utter failure to run the state, to establish a situation of law and order, healthcare and most importantly, his populism is clearly evident.

It was only yesterday that he was seen giving advices to the Kerala Chief Minister that Kerala should learn from Uttar Pradesh as to how healthcare in a state ought to be run. Well yes of course Gorakhpur is not in Uttar Pradesh and Pluto.

But today we would not talk about his political capabilities but we will rather present to you some of the Yogi Adityanath quotes which will tell you why he is still living in his own fantasy world which is locked in Hinduism and how he is against the very principle idea of a SECULAR INDIA. These quotes or dialogues from Yogi Adityanath will give you a clear picture of the mindset with which he administers the state of Uttar Pradesh.

These quotes or words from Yogi Adityanath will speak for his purview with which he sees the world, with he sees women and how he refuses to accept modernisation and still dwell in forest ages. These parts of his speeches made before or after being the CM tell you why he is totally against the idea of women empowerment, social justice, communal harmony, tolerance and every other thing which is an innate Indian principle.


That is what he feels about the modern day Indian women as he ignores to see woman walking ahead of men in the 21st Century.


Wait what? The constitution says we are secular but! Why are you confusing us Yogi Adityanath ji?


Who decides who stays in India and who not? Are you an immigrant consultant?


It is ok if you are not a feminist but lets not try to impose that on others as well!

Set up squads like to Anti Romeo squads?


This again Mr Yogi Adityanath is so demeaning to the constitutional principles!

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