16 year old raped at knife point: 181 rape cases in Chandigarh in 2 years

crime against women in india

Crimes against women in India are only escalating every day and there is neither a political narrative nor a societal crusade that addresses the issue with conviction. The city beautiful, Chandigarh too is becoming the hotspot of crimes against women as the incidents of rapes, molestation and harassment are mounting.

Latest in the list of crimes against women is the rape of a 16 year girl who was raped at knife point while she was returning from a birthday party at around 2 AM on 25th of September. What is totally shameless on the part of the police is the fact that they made her sign a document which read, “I do not want to submit a complaint” and assured her justice. Imagine that! What faith can you invest in the police when the police stoop down to such low levels! The police telling the rape victim to not submit a complaint are bizarreness and shamelessness of an unimaginable stature.

It has been 3 days since the police have taken a note of the issue but yet no action have been taken by the city cops and finally the family had to lodge a complaint through a public window at the sector 9 police station.

So as we talking about Chandigarh becoming the hotspot of crimes against women in India here is a quick fact check of cases of crimes against women in India.

  1. Between January 2015 and august 2017 there have been 181 registered cases of rapes in Chandigarh.
  2. In 2015 the police registered 78 cases of rapes while there were 71 cases of rapes in 2016 and till August 2017 the police have registered 31 cases of rapes in Chandigarh.
  3. In 2017 for other forms of crimes against women including sexual harassment and molestation the police have registered 50 cases.

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Clearly there is lack of deterrence in those who think that they can shove their manhood anywhere and this is becoming a growing concern of not just Chandigarh but the entire nation that people before committing crimes against women in India fear anything but law!