Another Gandhi Jayanti, another holiday spent well: Mahatma Gandhi has been forgotten by the nation

So, what did you do on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti today? Spent your holiday well? Yes, we must be honest enough to accept the fact that Gandhi Jayanti to us is nothing more than a holiday and we are just glad that it came on a Monday this time. The father of the nation has been forgotten by us and his principles have been graved. We would be lying if we say that Gandhi Jayanti means anything more than a holiday to us!

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the Father of the nation who led India’s freedom struggle is nothing more than a poster figure in India today for if the case was otherwise we would have still kept his principles alive! The sense of national service he exhibited and endorsed we too would have kept that effulgence in our hearts! Are we in any manner a follower of ‘Gandhigiri?’ Would not Gandhi Ji be sobbing in pain seeing the so called modern India? we are not just saying this for the sake of it!

We would pick up some of his most famous teachings he offered to us and compare it to the present national landscape and we shall prove that we have forgotten Gandhi Ji and his principles for we are in a bad habit of spoiling or destroying anything good that exists!


  1. “We must become the change we wish to see in the world”

This is a very basic teaching by Gandhi Ji and something very easy to contemplate. But look at us! Do we ever change? Does anything in this world has the power to make us sacrifice our complacency? We are only good for complaining and ridiculing others. To complain and castigate we assume is out fundamental right and we just take to the social media for that. If something bothers us why don’t we change it or at least try rather than just pointing fingers?

This is what Gandhi Ji taught and if we have forgotten this and forgotten how to bring a change and fight for righteousness we have forgotten Gandhi Ji. How easily we say, Is desh ka kuch nahi ho skta” or “politics is a pothole” and numerous other things. Why don’t we accept the responsibility to change what urges to be changed?


2. “An eye for an eye would make the whole world blind”

Look at the vigilantism around! See how religions are thirsty for blood and the ones protecting religion with sword do not even realize how stupid they are for no religion ever taught protection at the cost of human lives! We have failed this Gandhian principle too and we blindly see the nation turn blind!

These two most basic teachings of being change oriented and preaching non violence are enough testaments of the fact that to us Mahatma Gandhi is only a personality that features on the currency note! Yes, we have unfortunately failed him in the modern day India and we can see India falling apart as a consequence of it!