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Bhopal Gas Tragedy – The Largest Manslaughter

Its been 33 years since the Bhopal Gas Tragedy and even 33 years down the line of the corporate-crafted catastrophe no one is ready to accept the responsibility. Bhopal Gas Tragedy which hit on the intervening night of 2nd and 3rd December remains the largest man-made disaster that ever wrapped the nation. The Bhopal Gas Tragedy was a consequence of the negligence of Union Carbide India Limited.
It was supposed to be an ordinary night, where mothers were preparing the bed for their kids, fathers wrapping up the business and all planning for the next day. But who knew that a dark, thick cloud of Methyl Isocyanate 
was waiting to give them a painful death, choking their throats with cyanide, turning their eyes red with blood oozing, and this is what we call the fateful night of 2nd December 1984. 
10,000 lives taken in a single night, and lakhs of hopes with it, families into shambles and Government’s apathy at 
the helm, with compensations, still pending, the capital city Bhopal stands on its own feet after 33 years of the gas 
leak disaster To those who ask for suggestions for a better democracy, the answer to them is, that there were, are and will, times when pro-public decisions need to be taken. Not that the accident was inevitable, it could have been. 

 Rajkumar Keswani: The Journalist who had sensed the tragedy but was ignored  

 The Bhopal Gas Tragedy could have been evaded if the government and the corporates paid heed to what Rajkumar Keswani had to say.


A young journalist had sensed the danger that was lurking around and he even alerted the corporates of the tons of poison but they tried to crush him, the deaf state government lead by Arjun 

Singh of the Indian National Congress who was fed with stacks of money, and obviously the ignorant villagers and

 people living in the factory who were poor and destitute due to the failed policies of the government and were dependent on the factory to run their livelihood. Forget about the apologies and rehabilitation, Indian National

 Congress further appointed Arjun Singh as the Union Minister of HRD department in 2004-09 tenure. 

 The Cover-up

 Warren Anderson convicted by the Supreme Court of India was never extradited despite signing an Extradition treaty with the USA on 25TH June 1997. All due to the timid courage of Indian leadership, and alas

Warren Anderson died living a luxurious life with a grandeur residence at Long Islands! 

To resist any protests against business interests, the Union Carbide Corporation (UCC) was acquired by another company known as Dow Chemical’, liability successfully dodged, and this company has an annual turnover of more than 11,000 crores in India. 

 Topics changed, Ram Mandir, Shah Bano, and a lot more came to rescue the fate of Indian 

National Congress. But people have not forgotten the Bhopal Gas Tragedy yet and the governments must remember this fact.
The truth is everyone pretends nothing happened on that fateful night, neither our current 
Prime Minister 
Having failed to present the grievances before the Prime Minister for the last three years and the Chief Minister for

 the last six years, survivors of the Bhopal gas tragedy on 21st November 2017 launched a protest.  
A protest to draw attention to issues of rehabilitation, justice, and adequate compensation.
The campaign called Paanch Guhaar took off with children with congenital malformations sitting in protest before large portraits of PM Narendra Modi and CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan. 
The Bhopal Gas Tragedy continues to be a tragedy for many!
“Mot hui thi us raat hazaaron ki, 
sirf insaan hi nahi insaniyat bhi mari thi 
Par achha hai, logon ko abhi bhi lagta hai ki mot zahreeli gas sai hui, 
Mot hui thi, to vo ghane baadlon ki vajah sai jo najaane pichhle janm ke paap they 
Shukar hai pata nahi chala ki vo mot nahi katal tha.” – Aayush Arora
Authors: Aayush Arora and Divesh Gill

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