Break ups are hard, but it’s time you move on

They say that you don’t understand the value of something until you lose it, and when that something is a person whom you have loved with all your heart, it becomes impossible to come to terms with it.

Breakups are hard, they are often ugly and messy, leave souls bruised and hearts broken.

How many times have we seen someone who has just gotten out of a serious and long relationship, depressed and sulking about what had happened?

How many times have we been on the other side to experience that feeling ourselves? 

It becomes so tough to move on, to let go. Crying to sleep at night, tearing all those gifts and letters apart, staring at that perfect picture that you had thought to get framed after your marriage, stalking your ex-partner’s social media profiles, sending a drunken ‘Hi’ and waiting hours to see a ‘blue tick’ appear, and then another couple of hours waiting to get a reply.

We just get lost, feeling like we are falling into a bottomless pit. Maybe that’s why they say that you fall in love.

But why is it like that? Why are we so devastated after a break-up?

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Well, if you broke up with someone then there might be 2 reasons behind it. Firstly, it may be because your partner left you, or because of something your partner did. In this case, isn’t your break up a reason to rejoice?

Think about it, someone who cheated on you, or someone who doesn’t want you in their life leaves you. Actually, a break up in this situation might be the best thing that can happen to you.

Why hold onto someone who doesn’t even give you the slightest of importance in their lives? Why shed tears for someone who doesn’t even realize the pain behind it?

The second reason for your breakup might be of your own doing. Maybe you cheated on your partner, or maybe you didn’t want the relationship to continue because you weren’t feeling happy. Well, in this case, you won’t be getting upset and even if you do, remember the reasons which made you break up in the first place.

Now don’t get me wrong here. I’m not saying that if you are not happy in a relationship than you must just quit and move on. You must fight for it, you must hustle for it.

If the love you feel for your partner is true then you must persevere all the obstacles that come in your way and rise above them. There is nothing better in this world than finding your true love, and if you do, don’t give up on it easily.

The only thing I would like you to think about is the fact that if even after all your efforts, a relationship goes down, there is no point in crying with the debris.

You can do better than just making those pillows drown in your tears, you can do better than just burning those letters in anger, you can do better than just staring at that picture, you can do better than just wasting your life over a relationship that wasn’t meant to be.

Yes, you can do better. 

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