Campus Crimes On The Rise

Are we happy to play audience to the prevailing lawlessness in our society? Are we so jaded that the alarming rise in crimes committed by the youngsters fails to elicit a response?

Robbery. Assaults. Rape. Murder. Just a few crimes that today’s youth are party to. What is worse is that it is places that are meant to provide a platform for learning, that are currently hotbeds for flourishing crime. Campus crimes, which have so far been associated with America, have seen a distressing rise in India over the few years.

Motivated by the need of the hour

Crimes, today, have a lot to do with the world we are living in. This is the ‘right now right here’ age where instant gratification is the norm. Violence is just seen as a means to the end. Quick money, aspirations, revenge and lust are just a few of the motivations behind most crimes involving the young. Take the example of a recent incident where P Udayakumar, a 4th-year civil engineering student of Karur Engineering College brutally murdered his junior K. Sonali who allegedly spurned his advances. Horrifying and inexcusable but it is nevertheless a reality.

Lack of stringent security measures

How far is safety within the campus responsible for the gruesome attacks on students? Quite a bit when one looks at the recent crimes. Take the example of Akash Kumar, a 23-year-old student of JNU who walked into a classroom armed with a loaded pistol, knife and an axe with the intention of killing a fellow classmate. He nearly decapitated the victim before committing suicide himself. How was he allowed to walk in with 3 weapons? Another case of absence of safety within the campus is the incident at Ranchi Women’s College campus where the boys of an adjoining hostel relentlessly beat up a girl.

Absence of dire consequences

The lack of stringent laws and consequences also plays a role in the rise of crime. Quite often, crimes like sexual assaults and rapes go unreported, thus emboldening the accused to commit the same again. Consider the recent molest on 2 students of Pondicherry Central University, one of the assaulted students didn’t even complain due to fear.
The youth who were earlier deemed as the pride of our nation, our hope for the future, are now just seen as juvenile delinquents on the path to destruction. It is about time something is done to curb crime and help guide them in the right direction.

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