I did not choose the reservation policy, rather It’s a unwanted Gift to me


If a choice was offered in terms of caste before being born even I would have chosen to knock the doors of a Sharma or a Kapoor family but sadly I landed in a Dalit family.

Not that I am ashamed of my existence, because as I said I had no control over it but then I am apprehensive about how people look down on me.

Everywhere I go, every endeavor of mine and every journey of mine I often hear people blaming the caste based reservation policy in India and since I am afraid of letting out my caste even I nod when they say “reserved people would take away everything” and many a time cases of abuse are either prefixed or suffixed to this statement.

Reservation policy

I feel like asking them if we are the ones who chose the reservation policy or if we deliberately took birth in a Dalit family to take this leverage.

How many of us would let go a leverage that knocks our door step?

How many of us would turn down the benefits extended to them by the purview of different circumstances?

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In a practical scenario no one would and you can please stop being a hypocrite about it. I grew up to realize that I have certain leverage from the purview of my caste and I did not miss out on the opportunity just like any other person wouldn’t have.

How is this my fault then? Why do I see this uncalled anguish in the eyes of people and such hatred in their words against us? Neither did I choose my caste nor the reservation policy!

Why do I see this uncalled anguish in the eyes of people and such hatred in their words against us? Neither did I choose my caste nor the reservation policy!

I’ve often heard people jokingly saying, “I so wish I was born a Dalit and I would have been in IIT and what not.” They might be joking about it but I have always seriously felt that I wish I wasn’t born as one.

reservation policy

I admire the concept of equality and I would stand by any demands for scrapping these reservations, be it a candle march or a hunger strike but why wouldn’t I use it till it exists?

Also, I must categorically as all those who have had such painful bellies about caste based reservation policies that how are the single girl child quotas and other quotas any less discriminatory?

Why does their principle of equality revolve specifically around the caste based reservations?

We have had enough!

People for our community are beaten up, stripped in rural areas, abused at and exploited. Even in the urban modern India, we are written off and often feature in Whatsapp jokes or Facebook memes just because of the reservation policy.

So I would rather be thankful to the government if they could actually scrap off these caste based reservation policies or any other reservations so that we don’t have to come under such stupid harassments.

May be then people would understand that we did not create this reservation policy on our own and even we endorse equality in terms of opportunities and elsewhere.

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** This is not to hurt anybody’s sentiments but a mere opinion