“It’s OK if a few say goodbye”: For Anyone who’s friends with Depression


There’s a simple thing you ought to learn!

You ought to learn to tell yourself with utmost humility that ‘it’s ok’!

It’s ok that certain things are in a mess and no one can escape being in a mess for a phase or two in life.

It’s ok if you’re not someone else you like to compare yourself to and it’s just ok to be you and retain your distinct individuality.

Not everyone can be Mr. Sharma’s son and who knows if even Mr. Sharma’s son wants to be him! Time no matter how dynamic has a constant that it flips and hence yours would flip to!

You might be at your worse where in you might sulk in thinking that everyone is falling apart and everything is Grey but then trust me it’s just a phase and we’ve all been there and we might visit that again.

It’s ok if times are tough and you have to realize that life is subject to you not that you’re subjected to life. It’s ok to fail and it’s ok to fail repeatedly for no success story has been born out of straight wins!

Trust me it is ok!

It’s ok to not bother about consequences sometimes and it is ok to follow your passion even if others don’t like it for it’s your choice it is ok!

Just in case you’re sulking for someone you loved and miss well everything is replaceable!

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If hearts can be transplanted the ones dwelling inside are even easier to swap all you got to do is give yourself time. It’s not ok to be negative about things and let life pass by.

It’s not ok to keep things within and boil inside only to burst one day. Speak things out, create a trustworthy ambit around you and feel free to talk to them.

It’s ok if they mock you a little or judge a little even though they wouldn’t. Depression may not be your choice but it’s not ok to let it stay.

Whatever bothers you has to be dealt with and it all begins with your will to send it to its grave.

It’s ok to smile, it’s ok to cry, it’s ok if a few say goodbye but it’s not ok to hate that previous soul that lies inside.

You don’t have to be friends with depression for the moment you look out of the window you would realize that life is beautiful and you’re placed much better than millions of people around you!

Happiness is subjected and you have the right to make your choices rather than sulking under the burden of other’s expectations.