India has a pro active judgmental society: These examples prove it

Undoubtedly there has been a paradigm shift in our standards of living which of course draws heavy inspiration from the west but when it comes to a collective societal mindset we are still as judgemental as we were even when we were deprived of this ultra-modern lifestyle of ours.

We Indians as a society believe that to judge people around us is our fundamental right, something guaranteed by the constitution perhaps or maybe from the virtue of birth. Hence, we Indians never shy away from exhibiting irrational, sometimes profoundly absurd judgments about people around us. Our judgemental instincts also tag along hypocrisy in the manner that what we do is right but when others do what we do we will judge. Haha! Funny Indians!

These examples from daily life and the everyday scenario of India will prove our argument in a very convincing manner. So let us try to explore the proactive judgemental Indian society.

  1. Arts is still looked down upon

Engineers are struggling for jobs and juggling between start-ups, Medical we know has a very limited scope. Any rational person would agree to this and hence be convinced that arts and commerce are better alternatives but still how can arts ever be digested by the Indian society!

People who take up arts end up being IAS officers at early age or lawyers or eminent journalists but no! How can Indians lose an argument to rationale of arts? So, bottom line being, If I tell someone, “I am an arts students” there is every possibility that they would look upon me in a manner that makes me feel inferior about takings arts. “Beta, science le lete, bhut scope hai!”

  1. A girl in shorts is still is a slut

For big cities is more than ok given the best you can expect from Indians! But in towns or in small cities if a girl is walking on the streets in shorts or maybe a short length one piece you would have people turning their necks and judging her or checking her out. Funniest part is that aunties in India check them out more than even guys and then discuss their judgements of her short dress. “Dekho isse to bilkul sharam nahi hai, aadhi nangi ghum rahi hai khule aam”

  1. Victim Shaming

India is the land of victim shaming especially when it comes to rapes and sexual assaults. A rape victim is not sympathised with but you know people say “She must have been too inviting to those guys hence they raped her.” This is dark irony of India and a reality of a judgmental society. As per the society if a girl was wearing short clothes when she was raped or the one raped had too many guy friends then it is her and not the rapists fault!

The saddest part is that we rather take pride on our sense of victim shaming!

4. Late night is still “awaragardi” anyhow

Life styles have changes and so have work cultures. Things have changed in a manner where being out late night or coming back home late night is totally alright! My parents don’t have an objection to it but how can the judgmental people digest this change? To them If someone is out late at night or someone comes back home late at night they would be like, “Ye to hai hi awara”. I mean why can’t people just take care of their own homes? Duh!

5. Government Job is still the only good job!

Beta startup kroge? Government job kyun nahi krlete? Uncle aap karlo!

We have so much inspiration from around the world to follow our passion or to be entrepreneurs but again the society is a tubelight! To them even if you earn 2 lakhs per month being an artist or working in a corporate house they would still be like, “Beta chordo ye sab, government naukri karlo”

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