This is how I keep my child away from the Blue Whale game!

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Being a father I’ve always felt challenged by the digital revolution the world is witnessing. The smartphones and the mammoth world of internet they open for you are reasons for worrying because you know your child is still naive to differentiate between what harms then and what not. The Blue Whale Challenge as per my comprehension is the largest parenting challenge we parents need to address before our little ones are even anywhere close to being entrapped by it.

This ongoing frenzy of the blue whale challenge or the blue whale game makes me concerned as a father and when I see innocent children dying because of this madness I get jitters literally. But I like to confront challenges and I’ve decided the similar approach to keep my child immune from any such thing that’s harmful. If the blue whale game throws the greatest parenting challenge at me even I’ll put my best foot forward. This is how I keep my child away from the fins of the blue whale game.

  1. I don’t snatch my child’s phone 

Many might think that the simplest and best approach would be to snatch their phones from them. Well I disagree. It’s only normal human behaviour to do more of what they are barred from especially at this innocent age. So, I don’t snatch my child’s phone or make him feel that  I’m keeping a close check.

  1. I don’t let my child put a lock on his phone 

I’ve very humbly asked my son to not put a lock to his phone. This enables me to keep a check on his phone when he’s away from it and he doesn’t even come to know. I make sure that he doesn’t feel any insecurity. So, I just be nice and liberal to my son but at the same time I look for that one opportunity in the day to check his browser history and chats.

  1. I guide him well 

Why we do what we do is something hard to understand at his age. My son is just 13 but still I counsel him well and make him understand about things he should avoid. No matter how busy he is or how busy I am I make sure that I don’t miss out on that 15 minute Father- Son conversation daily.

I believe that if I would not scold him to make things understand and rather listen to his views and then presenting mine I am doing a father’s job better.

I have had an in-depth discussions about the blue whale game with him and I’ve told him that he’s the hero who has to save people from playing this game and tell me if he finds anyone doing that. I trust my hero for being a hero!

  1. I present myself as his best friend 

To my son I always present myself as his best friend where in I give him the leverage to share anything and everything with me. He trusts me for a fact that his and mine conversation would remain between us only and giving him this comfort I assume that even if he’s doing a mistake he would walk up to me and tell me about it.

I know if I just be a dictator and snatch his phone from him he would still find a way. I recently read that now Blue Whale game is also being played without a phone or the PC as friends have started to give stupid and harmful challenges to each other at school. Henceforth, I am of the opinion that talking to my child about it and counselling him is any day a much better approach to save him from this crazy online game WHICH IS SLOWLY COMING OFFLINE. This is how I save my child from the blue whale game or the blue whale challenge.

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