Love Doesn’t Just Happen Once Unlike The King Khan Dialogue, Love Gives You Many Chances

The King Khan

Not everything that Bollywood tells us is true especially when it comes to love. If you are a Bollywood fanatic then you would have grown up comprehending love and romance from Shahrukh Khan’s eyes. We have always believed in what Shahrukh told us about love and learned romance like he played it on the silver screen but let’s break the ice! Not all of what Shahrukh has said about love on the silver screen is true. King Khan is seen narrating this very famous dialogue in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai where he says that we fall in love only once. How true is it? Can you not fall in love more than once? Who said so or which rulebook states that?


King Khan Dialogue



Life is not a movie that would only last for 3 hours. Life gives you ample chances to fix what needs to be mended, even your heart. Love comes to life again even after a sad exit from life. It is a big world and we have so many places to go and so many people to meet. So, how can we restrict ourselves to the woes of the past thinking of ourselves as being incapable of falling love again?



It is not about if life would give you a second chance or even a third chance and so on to fall in love. Of course, it would since life is long and we have places to go. Hence love would revisit you without a doubt but the question is, would you realise and recognise the moment when love gives you another chance?

After a heartbreak or being abandoned we often develop a cyst around us where we are too afraid to give love a chance. We turn off the button of our emotions and go into a sentimental hibernation. Such is the impact of the apprehensions and experiences that our past gives us. Living under wraps of dread of the past we fail to recognise the chances the present has in store for us and that is where we lose the game.

So, make sure that you are always open to love and open to acceptance for love because nothing in this world is as beautiful as love.

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This is very true . Never loose hope . All our wrong choices lead us to the right ones .