Unburden Your Child From Heavy School Bags.

You must have seen naive kids carrying heavy burdens on their shoulders as they walk around in their school uniforms. Yes, we are talking about their bulky school bags. The school bags that have encumbered their childhood brutally.

Children carry school bags which are about 30%-40% their body weight which is a severe breach of the guidelines that mention that this percentage should not exceed 10%. This scenario brings us to a question. Given how modernisation of education is reaching out to every school; what is the point in carrying numerous books adding to the load on innocent shoulders? If we have smart boards and other smart learning facilities then why should bags carried to the schools be that heavy? The main course books are now often accompanied by reference books and practice books adding furthermore to the burden. In such a scenario if a child’s classroom is on the ground floor he should assume being lucky but if one has to carry that heavy bag to the second or the third floor then the drudgery worsens even more.

Prolonged studies and researchers point out an alarming fact. These studies highlight that such heavy bags might have serious repercussions on the backs of kids. So it is not surprising if school going kids start to complain about backaches. The culprit then would surely be these heavy school bags. Even adults start to feel the fatigue if they are to carry such burdens for long so we can well imagine the plight of a small kid.

This burden accompanied with the fact that students these days are not much physically active leads to severe health problems. Students these days are a part of a “tech savvy” generation that prefers to spend time on gadgets rather than playgrounds. The larger problem, however, continues to be the bulk of the school bags which continue to stoop down young shoulders. A reform of the existing education system might be a perfect answer to this problem. We still follow age-old education policies and culture. These heavy bags are only a reflection of these stale policies. The modernisation of education needs to go hand in hand with appropriate reforms in the education system. Then perhaps these kids can live life with more liberty and fewer burdens.

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