Chandigarh VVIP stalker’s let off is a reminder that Social Justice in India is a Myth

Social justice in India


While politics is a means to serve the nation and welfare of the citizens in India the precedent is rather set upside down. In India, politics is a way of harassing the citizens and strangulating the system through fiddled promises.

Crimes against women in India form one of the largest social issues plaguing the nation and in such an atmosphere of fear and apprehensions, one has only the political establishment to look to! But what if political establishment is the largest sympathizer of the offenders?

What happened in Chandigarh, how a VVIP’s pervert son was let off easily after he shamelessly tries to abduct a girl at night with the intent to rape her, how he chases her down in a drunk state and yet is not held up for even an hour in the jail is a severe assault on our right to stay protected.

Where is the “beti bachao beti padhao jibe now?”

The question is, is social justice in India only for the rich and the influential? How this entire episode unfolded and how BJP’s Haryana chief’s son is being saved by the center government and the Haryana government is a shameless display of misuse of power and we have every right to be wrathful about it.

Article 14 says everyone is equal then why is this pervert perpetrator being treated with such caution and protection?

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The “Beti bachao beti padhao sarkar” forgot to teach their sons to respect women and further BJP is putting all resources at disposal to save him! While it was time for the government to set an example the government rather played shamelessly in the entire episode making every iota of your faith in the system kiss dust!

Crimes against women wouldn’t surely stop unless these VVIP perverts have this special immunity that puts the entire system and law at shame.

Once again this has made us realized that crimes against women in India would not stop until the politics in this nation defends their own kin who thinks they can get away with anything for they are from an influential family! Your right to social justice is only a myth for in India justice and welfare are only meant for the rich and are rather toys of the powerful.

The bushed up investigation!

Since the offender is from a rich family, of course, the investigation had to be bushed up! Of course we understand that all the CCTVs got dysfunctional, all the charges against him were swapped with the ones which fall under those which offer a bail and of course, the police rather took it to the girl and stated that she never complained about attempts to kidnap!

While the police was the hero in saving the girl at first the Chandigarh police is now playing a perfect villain against our right to stay protected. The police despite the girl’s statements and clear evidence have tampered the entire investigation and all of the severe charges against Vikas Barala were removed instantly.

Once again the onus is on the girls!

 What else could we have expected from the BJP who has been shamelessly defending Vikas than rather shifting the blame to the girls?

The BJP’s vice president for Haryana very conveniently drew a contention to the entire matter that if the girl was out late at night the onus is on her! Wait! Slow claps for any such politician who has such bleak perceptions!

So how long would this continue? How long would the rich and the influential play with the law and the system? Will social justice in India always be a myth? Would crimes against women in India ever stop unless such VVIP perverts enjoy immunity?

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