Things we sacrifice to make a relationship work

We are always tempted by the idea of love and being loved. Companionship is something we all fancy and hence relationships exist. Love is an alluring abstract and I don’t really know if there is something as pure as love, at least to my comprehension. But there is a different between love and relationships and we so wish that relationships too were as pretty as love.  Why are relationships demanding if love isn’t? What are things we sacrifice to a relationship work?

Have you ever seen love choking in a relationship? I have! Sometimes a relationship perhaps demands too much out of love and that is when things start to get dimmer. I don’t know if there is any alternative to a relationship, maybe there is none or definitely there isn’t one but still I’d say that relationships choke love. So, we shall today talk about things we sacrifice to make a relationship work and we are sure a lot of you would relate to it.


  1. Self Esteem

We don’t even realise a lot many times that to keep the other person happy or contended we end up hurting our own self esteem. You don’t feel it throughout the course of relationship but when the relationship gets over then you realise it! Then you’re like, “Damn! I sacrificed my self-esteem for him so many times and he did not even value it” or “It was me who said sorry each time, the bitch didn’t accept the fault even once”

Relatable much? Haha! That’s ok but, just remember, if you cannot love your self-esteem truly no one will ever love you truly! Someone would only love you if they respect you but for that you must respect yourself first!


  1. Goals

“Me” goals are often replaced by “us goals” We often lose our plans and goals or we have to sacrifice them to make your relationship work. Remember how Kalki screws it for Abhay Deol in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara? Yes! Likewise! All your friendship goals or even professional goals to some extent die out in a relationship. His New Year was once your New Year too! Ouch! Did that hurt?

Ambitions including career too often get distorted because you cannot give them as much as time you ought because you need to suit yourself to the relationship too. This is where a relationship takes the better of you because more often than not a relationship is more of a deviation than a motivation. If your partner understands your ambitions and motivates you to achieve them and doesn’t complaint about your time, go hug them and say thank you!

  1. Sleep


I was wrong when I said that there is nothing as beautiful as love! There is! They call it sleep! But when you are in a relationship how can you even dare to sleep before your girlfriend or boyfriend is sleepy too? You could be persecuted for that, you know right? Damn! With one eye open and mind almost snoring you still have to be glued to the phone! Just about things we sacrifice to make a relationship well.

  1. Friends

When you are not able to dedicate time to your friends which once formed your world it is only obvious that friendships would start to wither. You don’t want to lose your friends but then you cannot give them the same sense of affection and unknowingly that spark or that “click” between you and your friends gets blurred. This is one hefty price you pay. Again! Just about things you sacrifice to make a relationship work.

So, these were the most prominent things we sacrifice to make a relationship work. Sometimes we do it knowingly and sometimes we don’t even realise that what we left behind as the relationship prospers further and I am not writing of love here. My only point is that companionship without compatibility is a loss and for compatibility you need understanding to exist between partners. It is not love if there isn’t room for understanding!

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