This is why Kangana Hrithik spat should not be seen as a war between Genders

Hrithik Kangana spat is growing leaps and bounds each day as the fan clubs of both the B Town stars have escalated the social media war.

The fans of both these stars are extending enormous support to them and this is something that is clearly visible on Twitter and other social media.

India’s society has always been predominantly patriarchal. Women have been suppressed and men have somehow always had the upper hand.

This scenario makes us assume that in any and every feud between a man and a woman the man must have been the culprit.

Why we often assume this comes from the patriarchy that has been persistent and also our bent towards a confused sense of feminism. We often have anger for a man and sympathy for the woman without even probing the matter.

Let’s not make a gender war out of this 

Even in the Hrithik and Kangana spat there’s an atmosphere being built up wherein the media has already started to see Hrithik as the wrongdoer just because he’s a man and men often do that to a woman. This is rather condemnable given the purview with which people have already declared him the culprit.

We are not taking sides here and nor do we belong to any of these fan clubs.

Seeing it as a gender war we are diluting gender equality 

Our argument is simple, the Hrithik Kangana spat should not be seen as a war between genders. This entire row is being seen as a battle between genders and to some extent media too is showcasing in this manner. Please let’s not confuse this as a war between genders because then the idea of equality between genders is diluted even further.

By holding Hrithik as a culprit we are not upholding the abstract of gender equality rather diluting it by further widening the gap and this is dangerous for the society.

Let’s see this as a war between right and wrong 

We must wait for probes into the matter and then the one wrongly accuse the other must be brought to justice.

But as for now let’s not shape a public opinion only from a gender perspective because that would be dangerous and I say this being a woman.

Just because Kangana is a woman she shouldn’t get this societal leverage.

This isn’t an ugly gender war and the gender tags should be kept out of it. It’s only a war between right and wrong so, let us keep it that way!

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