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What Akshay Kumar did for the families of martyrs on Diwali will leave you in tears!

Akshay Kumar is more patriotic than any of us and he often proves that. What he did this Diwali out of his profound patriotism will melt you heart and trigger an emotional smile on your pretty face. While we talk about helping others and extending love to those in need and later forget about it Akshay Kamar makes sure that he does much more than just talking about patriotism.

Akshay Kumar has a magnanimous soul and ample love for the nation and the valiant armed forces of the nation and even braver family members of our soldiers. A family which loses a young son in the line of national duty is the bravest of all, even braver than the martyred soldier.


This is how he made this Diwali special for families of 103 martyrs


Akshay holds the families of martyrs in very high regard. He even went on to create a mobile app where people could directly donate or extend monetary help to the families of valiant soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the nation.

On the auspicious occasion of Diwali Akshay Kumar presented a cheque of Rs 25000 to 103 families of the martyrs from the Kolhapur Range along with boxes of sweets. Doesn’t this melt your heart? If it does then wait we are yet to show you the message he added to these gifts in a letter.

The letter read

“We are all proud of your family member for his sacrifice to the nation. I know, you are missing your loved ones on this Diwali festival. But I request you to start the New Year with courage.  Sending a small gift of sweets and books for children, please accept with love”

 This brings tears to our eyes and our hearts go brimming with love and respect for Akshay Kumar. This was a beautiful act of kindness and love from Akshay Kumar and the message he wrote for the was even more alluring. WE LOVE YOU FOR THIS AKSHAY KUMAR!

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#MUCH RESPECT. We bow down to your kindness and patriotism!

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