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Meet Aparajita Rai: The first woman IPS officer from Sikkim

Losing parents at not just at a very early stage in life but in fact at any point in time is excruciatingly painful. This misery becomes even more atrocious because children are then left to the sympathy of the society and the guiding force in their life starts to go missing. But brave are those who stand tall against all odds and make their dreams come true. One such story is that of Aparajita Rai, the first Gorkha woman IPS officer from Sikkim.

She lost her father at a very early age of 8. Losing a father is like losing the shelter that protects you from every odd but she did not give up on her dreams. Her father was a divisional forest officer in Sikkim and having lost him at such a young and naive age would surely have been the biggest loss of her life. But she chose to nurture her dream to change the system by being a part of it and made her dream an inspiring reality. Aparajita Rai would now be looked upon as a metaphor for inspiration and hope by all those women who fear to chase their dreams.


Apropos to the Assam Online Portal, after the father of Aparajita Rai passed away her mother, Roma took care of her and nurtured her dreams. Being a teacher her mother knew how to take care of her and her dreams and now she must be very proud to see her daughter in the IPS uniform.



Aparajita Rai failed the UPSC exam in the first attempt but then she had never learned to quit. She came back even stronger the next year and cleared it with marks that were never scored before in Sikkim.



Talking to NDTV, Aparajita Rai talked about her passion and what keeps her going. She said, “Anyone who comes to me should not face the same harassment or agony which people generally encounter in government offices.” 


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This message says it all about her intents and goodwill and we must say that we would love more and more youngsters to understand the fact that the nation needs them. Aprajita Rai is an inspiration for everyone, everyone who aspires to achieve something big in life.



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