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Who can not donate Blood in INDIA?- Here is the LIST

who can-not donate blood in india

Being a human the most generous thing you can do is save lives. Hence blood donation is regarded as one magnanimous act of kindness as each drop of blood that you donate is vital for someone’s life.

But blood donation has its own compulsions and not everyone can donate blood unless they are in line with these compulsions. The criteria for blood donation in India are based on certain conditions pertaining to health and wellness of the donor.

who can-not donate blood in India

There are a certain set of conditions which disqualify you from donating blood. A donor cannot ignore the blood bank rules and regulations in India. So we will tell you about who can donate blood and who cannot donate blood in India.

Broadly your disqualification from blood donation would either be because of the fact that you have transmissible diseases that could be transferred to the donor or your blood donation endangers your own health.

Here’s more about who can-not donate blood in India

  • Someone tested positive with AIDS cannot donate blood
  • Someone with hepatitis virus cannot donate blood
  • There is no maximum age limit, you can donate as long as you are healthy but you cannot/shouldn’t donate if you are below 17 years of age.
  • A person with blood cancer cannot donate blood reason being pretty obvious
  • Pregnancy, as well as a pretty recent childbirth, disqualifies one from being a donor as per the criteria for blood donation in India or rather across the world.
  • A person on antibiotics cannot donate blood because of the possible infection they carry
  • For anyone who has had malaria, they cannot donate blood for at least 12 months as per the blood bank rules and regulations in India

Other points those should be kept in Mind are…

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Keeping in mind the safety of the donor those with low iron levels in the body should avoid donating blood

People who have had a history of cardiac arrest and hypertension must not donate blood as per the guidelines laid by the Indian Blood Bank.

Anyone who suffers from diabetics must not donate blood as per the blood bank rules and regulations in India.

If you have had alcohol over the last 24 hours you are disqualified to donate blood as per the criteria for blood donation in India

Hence, the above are the rules and regulations or the precautions that certain people with certain ailments must take up when they spare a thought for donating blood.

In India, people are often unaware of these conditions that define “who can-not donate blood in India.

Yes, blood donation is a responsibility but the larger responsibility is to understand the qualification for a blood donation since your donation impacts your health as we as the receiver’s health. We hope you understand that!

Happy blood donating!

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