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Now red card even in cricket: Here is the list of new rules!

Cricket is all set to go the soccer way with new rules starting from 28th September, 2017. Now the umpires can give a red card to the cricketers for severe misconduct and send them off for the rest of the match! Yes! Till now you have only seen red cards in soccer but now they would even be used in Cricket starting with test matches in South Africa and United Arab Emirates.

Starting 28th October South Africa will host Bangladesh while Sir Lanka would take on Pakistan in the Abu Dhabhi and these two matches would be the inauguration events for this new rule of red cards for misconduct coming into effect. The introduction of the red card is not the only new rule in cricket, there are more surprises!

Restriction on bat sizes

New rules of cricket in their kitty also consist of changes in governing the umpire referrals and also the bat sizes! There will now be new restrictions on the size of the bat, edges of the bat and their thickness in order to strike some balance between the bat and the ball. Now the bat thickness cannot exceed 40 mm at the edge and 67 mm at any other point.

DRS now in T20s too

The Decision Review System better known as the DRS would now also be introduced in the most exciting format of the game, the T20 internationals after the success of the Decision Review System in the test and one day formats of the game and this would add even more excitement to the lit T20 matches.

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New form of dismissal 

Also in the tally of the new rules is a new form of dismissal in cricket. Now if the ball will be caught by the fielder after it hits the helmet of the batsman the batsman will have to walk back to the dressing room for he would be out! Well not sure if this is a good one!