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Things only Indian Parents can say


Indian parents are undoubtedly the cutest parents in the world. They bring us in the cutest manner along a profoundly sweet story of sacrifices and the sweetest part is that if you ask them, they wouldn’t even count them as being sacrifices. But then cuteness is not the only adjective that defines them.

Indian parents logic is funny and no matter how westernized India becomes the Indian parents logic is rock solid! But this logic though born out of sheer care becomes annoying sometimes.

Relatable much?

So these are the most common phrases that parents in India have learned by heart and they keep saying it to their children all day long. We are sure every child in India can relate to this for it has been a part of their staple diet almost daily!

“Jab tumhare bache honge tab tumhe pta lagega”


indian parents

This is one signature dialogue that Indian parents have. This is their best and most frequently used weapon! When they say this they mean that kids would empathize with their parents when they too become parents.

Indian moms, in particular, have an overwhelming obsession with this dialogue and they deliver it with utter cuteness.

“Time dekha hai? Kaha se aare ho?”

If the previous one was an Indian mom special then this one is the signature dialogue of the Indian fathers. As per Indian parents logic they must know where you were and what you were doing irrespective of how grown up you are. Indian fathers like to keep their dominance well intact and hence their love for this heavy duty dialogue is their favorite.

You hear this almost daily, don’t you?

 “Paise ped pe nhi ugte”

This too is one of the favourites of the middle-class parents. They try to remind you almost thousand times a week that money doesn’t grow on trees!

To them, you are a spend thrift irrespective of how much you earn or save. Even when you start earning on your own this dialogue wouldn’t die out and you cannot argue Indian parents for in India that is a sinister sin!

“Sab phone ki galti hai”

This is a new yet clichéd dialogue parents have discovered in the digital age. From itching in your eyes to sneezing, from low marks to getting up late each and every blame is on the phone. Parents like to believe that everything wrong about you is because of your phone and they have found complacency in this and they would make sure that they leave no chance to use this dialogue because being opportunist is being Indian.

 “tumhe to kuch kehna hi bekar hai”

This one is funny but then this is their master stroke. Being Indian parents how can you lose an argument to sense? How can you agree to the fact that your kids are perhaps more informed and hence have better perspectives to things?

So every contention of theirs would ultimately conclude at this dialogue which means that it is useless to say anything to you and we have never been able to invent an apt response to this!

Sharma ji ke bete ko dekha hai?

In every Indian child’s life there is a Sharma ki ka beta to screw their happiness. One very annoying thing about Indian parents is their habit of comparing and they would keep comparing their kids to others overlooking the fact that everyone is different and so are their potentials and talents.

So this dialogue would stay with you at least till your marriage and in some case even there after!

So how Indian are your parents? We hope that you could actually relate to most of these dialogues and you are now pretty used to them for their frequency must be very high! We empathize with you here! So this was all about Indian parents logic.