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IPS officer found taking answers through phone in UPSC mains exams! Would you believe it?

IPS officer

Have you ever heard of an IPS officer cheating in an exam with a phone, Bluetooth device and a camera in his shirt button? Well, this is exactly what happened when an IPS officer from the Tamil Nadu cadre, Safir Karim was caught red-handed as he used unfair means while sitting in the UPSC main exams.

The Assistant Superintendent of Police aspired to be an IAS and when he was writing his UPSC mains, he was caught cheating smartly but not smart enough to be not caught. As per reports from Times of India his wife, Joicy Joy was dictating answers over the phone from Hyderabad.

IPS officer

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If the substantive evidence against the IPS officer who was on probation is discovered then the officer would be booked under IPC 420. Karim as of now has been detained as is being questioned. WELL, THIS IS A STRANGE NEWS, isn’t it?

Karim owns a UPSC coaching institute named La Excellence which has several branches spread across Hyderabad, Kochi, Trivandrum, and Bhopal. The detained IPS officer originally hails from Kerala and cleared the UPSC exam in his second attempt in the year 2015. His wife is one of the visiting faculties at the institute and she too with another institute teacher has been detained, claims The Hindu.

If charges against him are proved then he may even have to wash hands with his service which would only be the appropriate action for his indulgence in use of unfair means. When police officers would do this how can we expect people to not do things like this? If charges are proved then whatever may be the reason but Karim would leave a big blot on the honesty of police and also would send across demotivation to all the UPSC aspirants. If he has cheated then it’s only legit that he be punished.


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