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It is OK to be aimless at 25!

25 and lost in life

What is it like to be 25 in India?

Well, that depends on whether you have a salary being debited to your account each month or not.

So at 25 in India, we either have a job or we have a plethora of taunts pouring in at the velocity of more than 100 per hour to deal with. You might still be contented with not having a job at 25 and being unemployed at 25 but then the society is so concerned about you!


25 and lost in life


The aim is a bulky term to deal with!

Of course, no one aims to do a bank job sitting their 9 to 5 taking the blunt of frustrated customers. No one aims for a banking job after completing 4 typical years toiling with engineering.

Also, no one aims to be an officer or a clerk at a monotonous government office. All of these would fall under the ambit of compromises but not aims.

People would keep asking you, “what are you doing these days?”, “You still don’t have a job?”, “it’s time you find a job so that you can be married now?”

Well, it’s time you humbly tell them to shut up because it is ok to be 25 and lost in life for to find the best version of you it’s mandatory that you lose yourself for a while!

 Let people blabber, your life is your entity!

Thanks to our values and ethics that we just don’t throw harsh responses on people’s faces when they interfere with our life, unlike other nations. Indian values are such that we respect elders and just allow them to hurt us with their stinging taunts, well why even bother?

The only problem with people is that they are people!

The Indian society’s very concept of aims is perplexed.

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For them, someone who wasted 4 years in engineering just to land up at a monotonous office desk at a bank is someone with aims. But someone who has followed his or her passion throughout be it in dance, acting or music is someone who has just aimlessly whiled away time.

Could we as a society be any more hypocritically funnier?

We are one laughing stalk for the world, aren’t we?

Only if the society understood what passion and aims are they might have still fetched a legitimate right to question us on our plans but which constitution entitled them with the ‘right to interfere?’.

For them, anything that is talent oriented is a waste of time and making compromises with life is him and they would rather extend to us the examples of people who have compromised in life! They might have compromised, why us?

 So what if I’m 25?

 I am 25 years of age, 25 and unemployed, 25 and lost in life and trust me I already know this!

I don’t need people to remind me of this!

I would find a job when I find something that relates to my passion or talent.

I don’t think of life as a race but a pursuit of happiness and I am proud that I take life this way.

If ultimately I have to make a compromise having found no worth for my talent I would do it when I am 27 or 28 because I find it completely legit to give myself a chance to explore my potentials and prospects and I don’t need a validation from the society.

For them, I am 25 already but for me, I have only lived one fourth of my life and I have a long way to go ahead and I can surely claim some time for myself for till now I’ve only been a stupid scapegoat to expectations. I refuse to carry the burden further! I refuse to be another clichéd story!

If I think of myself as having the potential to touch the sky why would I just settle for anything that is even an inch lower, that too without even trying?

I also refuse to sulk in depression or commit suicide because I am 25 and hopeless as per the society or even my parents. I know my capabilities and I wouldn’t just let myself be affected by what others think.

If life demands a test of character I would bear it with distinction but I refuse to give up, not at just 25 at least!

25 and lost in life

I surely don’t want to regret my compromises I made while I was 25 when I turn 75! I would want to be proud of the fact that I gave myself enough chances to explore and to fail. My life begins at 25 not ends here!