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Lets be us today: Poetry for all those who love being them!

Lets be alive today 

lets be us today 

Why be someone else?

When we can even be the best of us!


Lets listen to no one today 

Lets be our own kings and queens 

Let them say what they say 

lets not bother about anyone today 


Lets jump from the highest point elation 

Lets dive into the deepest sea of joy 

Lets tease the shore today 

Lets live life as a celebration 


Let them complain 

Why even bother to explain?

Being us is our fundamental right 

So, why miss out on this high?


Lets be alive today 

Lets be us for a change 

Smile and say no to all the expectations 

Lets flirt with life a little, lets be crazy and be strange!

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