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MS Dhoni quotes: As beautiful as it gets!

M.S Dhoni

When he takes to the crease, you just hear one chorus, DHONI, DHONI, DHONI!

Whenever the greats of Indian Cricket will be talked about, M.S Dhoni will certainly feature towards the top of the list. M.S Dhoni has an aura which you just can’t ignore and his legacy is a perfect example of “out of the box things.” From his cricket to his words he breathes a calm modesty but his words even though narrated in a gentle voice have heavy duty impacts.

He is perhaps the best ever captain India has had (Kohli have every chance to leave him behind though!) and he is certainly one of the best finishers in the modern formats of the game! The game is not over till he is at the crease and every opposition knows this! So, just like he is class apart in cricket he is also class apart in the manner he reflects inspiration! These M.S Dhoni quotes will tell you that why is his aura what it is! You can criticize him, appreciate him but you cannot ignore him! He is calm thief when it comes to stealing limelight!

Here are the best inspirational M.S Dhoni quotes you would ever come across!


“Till the full stop does not come the sentence isn’t complete”

He said this when he was asked in the mid of a series if India had lost already. The answer he gave could not have been any more alluring and subtly impactful! M.S Dhoni with this quotes that it is not over till it is alive! With this quote he inspires us not to give up mid way.

“I don’t mind repeating everything”

When he was asked that while now he has won every world tournament for India, what next? He gave this impressive answer with a big smile!

 “You don’t play for the crowd. You play for the country”

He has always construed International cricket as his national duty and he has always held his country at the highest pedestal. He stands by his decisions and always decides things keeping country first! He just doesn’t wear that Blue Indian jersey with the Indian Flag but he is indeed a true patriot.

“No. I am on national duty. Everything else can wait”

With just one week to go for the 2015 World Cup Ziva, his cute daughter was born. He was asked if that plays on his mind and like we said, his answer too confirmed the fact that for him nation comes before everything just like it would for a soldier! ULTIMATE RESPECT DHONI SIR! TAKE A BOW!

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 “For me opposition is just another opposition”

M.S Dhoni likes to keep it simple and sorted and we can’t thank him enough for making us learn this!

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