You Should Know

 Is your relationship practical enough?

Being in love is undoubtedly a beautiful metaphor of life, it is profoundly pleasing to know that at the end of the day you have someone to turn to who would hear about your day’s chaos with love and patience and would rejuvenate you with a hug.

  “While love was to be our greatest strength, we saw it wear the attire of our largest weakness”

But did you ever feel that your relationship is also sometimes synonymous with a series of humps that slow down your progress or pursuit in other spheres of life?

Have your ambitions and engagements suffered too because of the mammoth influx of emotions and obligations in your relationship?

If you love someone and see that love being reciprocated you surely are amongst the handful of fortunate people but does that mean you will have to wear that wrap of the obligation of a relationship every minute?

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The notion of practicality in a relationship does not mean that you compromise on loyalty and care for the other person and fancy your chances with others. At least we are not hinting at that sort of a practicality!

By practicality in a relationship, we simply mean that you cannot just run a relationship and make it work in the longer run only on emotions. You ought to and you must invest sense as to how you would you take your relationship forward to suit both the partners and this sense only comes when you add a practical dimension to your relationship.


You have other responsibilities too other than your relationship!

Love isn’t a brand of glue stick that sticks you to your partner 24×7!

It is all about how you perceive it and unfortunately to all the sense lost in our head because of our baffled interpretations of love the naïve notion of love gets unnecessarily defaced.

Poor kid!

So what you need to understand in a relationship is that your partner isn’t the only stakeholder of your time and space. You also have dreams, ambitions, and friends to pay allegiance too and you cannot just compromise all of these to spend every moment with your partner in a relationship emotionally drenched.

You must understand that your relationship should not come in the way of your ambitions and goals for ultimately not your relationships but your achievements would count.

Your parents have sacrificed at each step to give you the leverage of opportunities which perhaps they never got and would you just ruin it all because of someone you’re not even sure about if they would stand with you for life?

Your career and opportunities once gone while you pay the obligations in a relationship would never comeback for time and tide wait for none.

You have a life outside of a relationship to and your partner must be practical enough to understand this and also vice versa.

Why should there be any obligations in the relationship?

You would be afraid to go out with others, miss out on the calls of your partners and in this fear of not offending the other person who perhaps would get stupidly offensive at every other thing you would bring great loses to you! Is that what your partner promised you when they said they will love you forever?

How long would you compromise your self-esteem to prove your emotions?

Love isn’t just saying ‘I love you’ 50 times a day and not paying heed to anyone else but only your partner!

Love is supposed to be your biggest motivation to do well and not a distraction that makes you miss out from your ambitions.

Our generation has either made love too emotional an affair or has rather assumed love to be a synonym of attraction and infatuation and both of these extremes are only absurd.

By practicality, we largely mean that in a relationship there must a compulsion of understanding so that your space and your ambitions aren’t compromised.

You must be practical enough to understand that ultimately when it is about getting married or running a relationship in the long run where you stand in life financially would matter and not how much emotions you have for the other person.

Your special someone must always take the onus to stand behind you as you chase your dreams and understand that your time and space are not only theirs!

Does your relationship have this practicality embedded in it?

To conclude you just need to stop whatever you’re doing, sit back and ask your conscience if the other person is even worth it! Trust us it is not all about relationships, happiness can be found in loving yourself too!

 *We would like to clarify beforehand that while we endorse the abstract of practicality and sense in a relationship we don’t intend to write off the phenomenon of love……