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Taj Mahal’s Rank In This Survey Will Tell You Why It Is a Pride Of India

Controversy or no controversy, Taj Mahal is unarguably India’s most popular monument and indeed a symbol of our National Pride. Taj Mahal has been voted the second best UNESCO Heritage Site in the world and this is another brick in the castle of India’s pride. First on the list is the Angkor Wat which is located in Cambodia.

This survey which chose Taj Mahal as the second best was conducted by Tripadvisor, which is an online portal. Other prominent monuments or places to feature on the list are The Great Wall Of China and Machu Picchu. Taj Mahal was designated the status of a UNESCO Heritage Site in 1983. It is often described as the jewel of ‘Muslim Art in India’


Taj Mahal attracts a plethora of visitors each year. People from abroad visit Taj Mahal and after seeing it they are drenched in admiration for this beautiful monument like no other. Taj Mahal sees a footfall of about 8 Million visitors each year. It is often described as being a symbol of love.


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