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Professions of beautiful wives of men in blue from Team India

We are a nation that is berserk about cricket and we love our cricketing heroes and closely follow them. The stories of most of them and where they come from are known to us but do you know the professions from which the beautiful wives of these cricketers come from?

Don’t worry! We would tell you about it. So, this article is rather dedicated to the beautiful wives of Indian cricketers who encourage them and travel the world with them in all their good and bad times. Here’s a sneak peak!

Sakshi Singh Dhoni

Maybe you would know about her if you’ve watched the M.S Dhoni biopic. The finest finisher’s wife was pursuing hotel management before she got married to perhaps the nicest guy ever! She was even an intern at Taj Bengal, Kolkata. Dhoni is no less than a king and she is his only queen!

Ritika Sajdeh

She is the pretty wife of the HITMAN who knows no mercy for bowlers. Ritika Sajdeh is a sports manager who manages a lot of sports stars including hubby Rohit Sharma. She regularly manages sport events too.

Priyanka Chaudhary

Well she is the wife of Suresh Raina and you would be amazed to know that she before marriage worked as an IT professional for a bank in Netherlands. She is the childhood friend of the left hander batsman and what’s better than marrying your childhood friend!

Safa Baig

Safa is the wife of Irfan Pathan and she by profession is a model. She has even been a journalist and has had the opportunity to work with a PR firm as the executive editor but sadly her lady luck could do no good to Irfan Pathan’s career.

Tanya Wadhwa

Tanya is the better half of quickie Umesh Yadav and is an aspiring fashion designer. The pacer got his heart bowled out to her! She is the final leg of her course in fashion retail and merchandise.

Ayesha Mukherjee

Guess whose better half is she? Well she is the first lady of Gabbar’s life! She has been married to the handsome opener Shikhar Dhawan and she is a well-trained kick boxer! We are sure Gabbar would be scared of her for that!

Preeti Narayanan

R Ashwin knows the art of spinning the web and Preeti Naryanan was stumped by Ashwin! Both of them are engineers from the same college and just after their graduation got over their families decided to tie them in a knot.

She has been a constant companion and supporter to Ashwin and her charm has done wonders to Ashwin’s career.


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