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Do you know who your favorite superhero should be?

your favorite superhero should be

When we dwell in the lap of our childhoods we start to believe in superheroes. We start to believe that Superman exists for real and so does Batman and they would not only save the world but also solve our problems. Then when we grow up and go through the ominous adulthood (it is ominous only, don’t you argue!) we realise that superheroes only exist in movies and the world as it does not deserve to be protected for its nothing but a grey chamber that smells of human greed and fancy stupidity. But do we then start to believe that no one else but we have to fight our own problems?

I don’t think that happens because fighting our problems and confronting the challenges hurled at us is something we avoid or rather something we don’t know. We can counsel our friends and throw a million bits of advice on them and boast about our experience all day long but the reality is or rather the question is, if we have not helped our cause ever, how are we even qualified to extend our ‘deep’ sea of advice to others? So, this is like a crazy cycle! The one who has never solved his or her own problems goes about giving knowledge to others about solving life and then we do not want to face or solve our problems and we always see a hero in someone else who would solve it for us. Duh! Humanity is too complexed and I don’t think I can ever decode it.



Life is very simple if you can contemplate the gist of it and if not then, of course, you’ll be caught in the whirlpool like forever! The only thing you need to understand is that no one can help you but that person in the mirror. You can go about and crib in front of your friends about your failures or problems or you can just sit and sulk in depression thinking, “Why me always?” and trust me this takes you nowhere but to a deeper darkness which I can tell you is dreadful and horrifying. You don’t believe in superheroes but you still want some superhero to appear abruptly from the clouds and take away your problems. No? Then what are you waiting for? WHO WOULD FIGHT YOUR PROBLEMS BESIDES YOU, NO ONE!

All it takes to take on a problem is the simple phenomenon of self-confidence. If you can tell yourself that ‘you can do it’ then no one can come in your way and even if you fail to try next time, and then maybe next time again but make sure that you fail better! Life does not give us many choices, the choices are always two-fold! Either you sulk about the problem and lose yourself or you stand strong in response to your problems or failures and confront them. But if you decide to confront your problems then you must also remember that you are your own hero and no one else!

Go stand in front of the mirror, look yourself in the eyes and tell yourself, “I AM MY OWN HERO.” There are no excuses for quitting! You would find ample inspiration and motivation around you if you look for it and you must look for it!

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certainly motivational!